Investment Team

Highly experienced investment specialists work as a team to manage a wide variety of investments in major asset classes.

Our Strengths

Well-experienced and cohesive investment team

Our investment team provides consistent and well-disciplined investment services backed by a steadfast investment philosophy. We do not chase short-term profit but rather pursue long-term excess return through a comprehensive risk management mechanism, which is underpinned by our well-experienced and cohesive investment team.

One example is our Japanese equity investment team which has Japan's largest array of professionals and employs a full bottom-up investment approach.

Differentiated investment approach with Nippon Life’s network and capabilities

We, as an investment arm of Nippon Life Insurance Company, which is one of the most experienced institutional investors in Japan, offer unique investment opportunities by utilizing the global asset management capabilitity of the group.

The “Risk-controlled balanced fund” was originally created as a solution to capture sustainable absolute returns under the circumstances of rock bottom interest rates. It is one of our flagship funds thanks to its superior track record.

We are one of the oldest and most experienced Japanese investors for private equity funds, for which we established our global research arm, and have a long track record.

We have built a seamless global network together with our sister companies, especially for equities investment, and put in place a capable research platform by making use of the resources of our affiliate companies such as the NLI Research Institute.

We also actively cultivate our capability for conducting advanced brand-new investment initiatives by capturing new market trends. For example, NAM has been a “pioneering” investor in the engagement investment arena in Japan, and has a superior track record over the long term.

Top-rated customer services

We offer well-tailored customer services for each client. Our services and solutions for various investment objectives are highly appreciated by our clients.

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