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Nissay Asset Management

As honorable lead sponsor of the PRI Digital Conference and one of PRI signatories, we are further strengthening our commitment to responsible and sustainable investment. We set an initiative to create a sense of unity within the firm and are actively engaging in various initiatives as shown below.

Participated in "Tokyo Your Coin" project promoted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Between Jan and Feb of 2020, we participated in a demonstration project implemented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (already completed), where individuals can receive "Tokyo Your Coins" points that can be used for purchases when participants contribute to the promotion of the SDGs by making social and economic contributions. Through the participation, we deepened our understanding of sustainability. In this project, for example, points were given for cooperating in efforts to recycle lunchbox containers and reduce the use of plastic bags, and the points could be used at partner stores.

Donated calendars and shared information on recycling.

In Japan, companies often distribute calendars as freebies or gifts in December, however, not all calendars have a home. We collected all of those homeless calendars and donated.

Also, We internally share information of recycling including clothes.

Deepened our understanding of the "state" of the ocean by "marine waste"

A small group went to an exhibition of "marine waste" and deepened the understanding of the situation of sea. Surely the thing they learned was shared with other colleagues.

Lanyards featuring the PRI signatory and our company logos were distributed.

To promote sustainability as an employee of our company and to further deepen our commitment to the PRI's initiatives, we created our original lanyards with the PRI signatory and our company logos alternately designed and distributed them to all employees.

The lanyards come in a total of five different colours, and individual employees can choose their favorable one. All employees wear it when they come to the office.

A textbook of SDGs in an easy-to-understand manner were distributed.

A textbook of SDGs in an easy-to-understand manner were distributed to each employees to let their understanding deepen. This material is widely used in primary and secondary school education, and it is an ideal one for business people and families with kids enjoy learning about SDGs together.
We have an idea to conduct a quiz competition or test related to SDGs by using the textbook!

As the debate on net-zero has been attracting attention, we created and implemented an original webinar for our employees to deepen the understanding and knowledge about climate change.
The webinar was led by two of our employees who participated in the Climate Reality training led by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.
Around 40% of employees watched the webinar!

We will internally have a quiz competition on the theme of SDGs.

We are currently planning to conduct a quiz competition on the theme of SDGs, with the aim of deepening our understanding and knowledge of SDGs and further enhancing the sense of unity within the firm.
We would love to come together within the firm in preparation for the PRI Digital Conference through the entertainment of the quiz competition which is easy for everyone to participate and fun for everyone.

Through raising awareness of ESG (Environment, society and governance) and event activities, we aim to enhance each other and achieve a "global" and "sustainable" work life that excites everyone.


Pink Ribbon Smile Walk

Sustainability Study


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